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TO DOWNLOAD INDIVIDUAL FULL RESOLUTION IMAGE(S), click the image you want. On the right lower side it will have a download icon.

For full size download, click on the folder and save to your desired computer location, (It may auto download to your “Downloads” folder. )

If you DO NOT follow the above instructions it will only download the size it is CURRENTLY on the screen. The shopping cart can be turned on in this gallery for convenience, just let me know.


The link to this gallery is : http://www.jguess.com/Portraits/2017/2017-Napper-BNCE-1YR

Your Password is: RedHairBow4 (CaSe SenSItiVE!)

To DOWNLOAD THE FULL gallery to your computer. (Will not work on iPad or iPhone, as the file is a .zip file and will auto download.), Click the download gallery button and fill in the information requested. When the zip files are generated, you will receive and email with download links!

(Please keep in mind over time my hosting site will refresh and this link will expire, just repeat the process to generate a new link (s).)

If you would like your password to be changed to something different please let me know.

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