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General Questions

What are your prices?

Weddings at $2,500.00 (Download Price Guide) & $3,000.00 with Wedding Book. 

Sessions start at $200.00. Pricing varies for additional people over 4,  and local travel.

     •Sessions usually last an hour to hour and a half, depending on clients needs. Small children rarely last more then an hour. 

     • The session fee includes one outfit selection. If you choose to change clothes mid session, it will take away from portrait time. 

     •You will have a selection of at least 25 images. 

     •Images are delivered as full resolution digitally files you can download as part of your session, the cart is turned on for connivence.

     •Clients are responsible for whether or not they purchase park photography permits. NOTE: Louisville Metro Parks requires permits for photography. 

All outdoor shoots are scheduled with in the two hours before sunset. This will allow for warm beautiful light!

All of my sessions and weddings include high resolution images provided on a download site. Where you can download all of the images or just the ones you wish.  

(Scroll down for session tips.)

Do you have a second shooter for Weddings?

No, at this time, if I have a second shooter show up at a wedding, it is because another photographer has requested to join me. Either they are wanting to add to their portfolio or to learn from me through out the day. This doesn't get in the way at all and usually clients get bonus images.

If you as a Bride/Groom would like a second shooter at your wedding there is an additional charge. When I photograph a wedding or session, I bring my assistant/husband. For me he is like having a second shooter. We can move very efficiently, he works the lighting as I request and helps with gear. I do give him a camera once in a while, he is great with details!

Do you have back up gear?

I do, during the ceremony I carry two bodies, during the rest of the day, the second camera body is very close by.

Do you make a schedule for every wedding?

Yes! It is important to do this! It keeps family and friends in the know. I try to email or call my couples at least two to four weeks before the wedding. This is an example of a wedding day, please keep in mind several fields are left blank and each wedding is different!

View an Example Copy.

How long does it take for photos before hand?

Every bridal party is different and every wedding is different.

All photos taken on before the ceremony are done 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.  (If ceremony is at noon, photos will be completed by 11:30.)

It is safe to assume (If bride and groom are not going to see each other in a first look. ) I will need at least an hour of scheduled time, with each side of the family just for formals and posed photos before hand.

Then at least 45 minutes of time prior to that for the Bride to have getting ready photos taken. 

If you have a large bridal party with more then 12 people (Not including children) the schedule will be adjusted for additional time. 



 I do photograph completely on location. If your wanting more of a studio style shoot (More-so for children and families.), please let me know and we can adjust accordingly. I can bring a background setup, predetermined based on outfit selection and main goal of the session. When I set up a background I really only need about 12x12 foot area that the background can be in. For newborn sessions, the area is much smaller.

I  suggest, if possible pick a location that has a special meaning to you. The more you personalize your portraits, the more they will mean! Everyone is different about what they would like or need and I always do my best to accommodate.

 Clients are responsible for whether or not they purchase park photography permits. Louisville Metro does require permits for their parks. 


If possible try to avoid any pattern shirt. It tends to take away and distract from the face. At times some stripes and plaids can digitize into a "moire" pattern. I do shoot too minimize this effect, by shooting at the highest resolution possible and trying different angles to avoid it. If you can not avoid patterns, keep them simple and as light as possible.

When planning for an engagement session or family session (More then one person really....) keep in mind your want your overall portrait to have a cohesive look and not look like everyone woke up in the morning and threw on what they had the day before!

Don't wear the mirror image outfit of each other, just coordinate!

I suggest avoiding clothes with

• Discernible logos.

• Words or cartoons

• Ed Hardy logos.

You want people to notice YOU. Keep it classic and simple.

If you’re wearing something that wrinkles easily, don’t wear it in the car on the way to the shoot, change at the location. Keep in mind dresses/skirts do mean less pose positions I could potentially put you in. If you wear nail polish, check for nicks!


If you plan on showing off your baby belly make sure to wear loose pants and lower your waist band so that it doesn't leave marks. If possible, bring your significant other! Maternity pictures are always better with all three of you!


If you don't wear makeup, keep it light. These portraits are a reflection of you, be yourself!

If you wear makeup regularly, do it up a little more. Photos have a weird habit of not picking up what we think is obvious in real life, so put on a little extra eyeshadow. And I know false eyelashes can be awkward, but they do make eyes look bolder. Avoid glitter eyeshadow....avoid glitter in any form! That includes glitter lotion… the speckles catch light in an unflattering way in photographs. Sequins will also catch light too.  Keep in mind some mineral makeups reflect light oddly, and photography is all about light, so be aware of that! Avoid getting sunburned or fake tanning. Bring Orange is not natural!

NEWBORNS 0-2 Weeks Old/Infants

Book your shoot around your baby’s feeding and nap times, work with the natural day of your baby. The perfect time to shoot is right when the baby would be laying down for a nap. I plan for more then enough time with baby shoots, typically they are my only shoot of the day! Newborns always look best in the nude. Most outfits at this age do not fit. The best portraits of newborns involve them sleeping. I highly recommend using a space heater to warm the photo area or even turning the heat up in your home for the session. Babies love to sleep in warm rooms!

Things to avoid with newborns: Shoes....frankly their little feet look so much cuter then the sole of a shoe. Overalls (They tend to fall constantly and require moving your child to fix.)

Bring a pacifier, but avoid using it as much as possible. Once you use it it will be needed for the rest of the session. (The more we move any child, the more likely to upset them or make them uncomfortable.) Use diaper covers, the patterns & tabs on diapers are not cute! 


Make sure we avoid nap time. Cranky children are not the most ideal for portrait time. Avoid staining foods right before shoots. Blue tongues and mouth are not pretty! OUTDOOR Sessions: I highly recommend avoiding white clothes, I like to put people in the oddest places and white tends to get dirty. Check the weather, it may be best to wear hair up/pulled back on an especially windy day. -Shoes- Be mindful that all sessions include some walking...if the ground is wet I suggest bringing a "Walking" pair of shoes and a "Picture" pair of shoes.


I am all for props who completely reflect who you are or have a special meaning to you! I have had everything from cars (actual cars) to heirloom rattles for sessions. Try to keep it something unique to you!

For  Photographers


 At this time, I do NOT, nor have I ever , pay a second shooter, I trade second shooting time for portfolio building with photographers. Second shooters are always more then welcome to use their images in their portfolio and may use them on their blog. I do request that I receive fully edited images and that you note which you will blog (usually a file name "Wedding-Blog1.jpg"), when I give clients their disc I will delete any similar images, so that they don't have to see the same thing twice, but will 100% include any you have decided to blog or make public. Second shooters are asked to deliver edited images, no more then 100 per an hour of shooting. I want to be able to give all my clients the best images possible. If you include greyscale images, you MUST include the color copies. This has been a major issue in the past. I ask that my name is not tagged in the metadata in your files. This confuses perspective clients when they search my name on the internet. If your shooting with me, your will shoot under the same conditions as I. I don't use flash during the ceremony ever. Who wants to see that light show during the ceremony? This is a special day for my clients, we are there to document it and respect the venue.

I will however pay, if a client specifically request another photographer. This is my policy, not every photographer thinks this way. There will be a written contract between both photographers so that there are not any misunderstandings.

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